English Way Preschool

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When the bell rings it's time for Meeting Time.
Everyday we write our numbers on the whiteboard.
We love learning our letters in Meeting Time.
We spend a lot of time out in the backyard, there is lots to do and lots of space to run.
During Table Work we do lots of arts and crafts.
We have two shows each year.  One show at Christmas and our Graduation/End of Year Extravaganza.
During the summer we have 'Sprinkler Days'.
Outside we can ride the cars and scooters.
Birthdays are always a treat for the birthday boy or girl.
We always do beach days during  the summer if its not too hot.
We found out all about pumpkins on our trip to Bates Nut Farm. We love our Field Trips.
During our Easter Egg Hunt the Easter Bunny came to visit.
Every year we plant vegetables in vegetable box.
Our 2013 Graduates from English Way Preschool.
Our 2014 Graduate from English Way Preschool