English Way Preschool Inc

Carline Hinds – Teacher 
English Way Preschool was opened in 2011.  It is run by Carline Hinds, a teacher with over twenty years experience in teaching and learning.   Carline has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  

For ten years, Carline worked at Calverton Primary School in London England,  teaching  a variety of elementary children aged 4 - 11 years old.  She has worked with many diverse groups of children over the years and  holds special needs certification in teaching children with mild to moderate learning difficulties as well as children on the autistic spectrum. 

At The International Preschools in Manhattan NY,  Carline taught an all day four year old class, and later as the Director of the school,  she managed the day to day running of the location, its staff of 29 teachers and its diverse community of 500 children. 

Valerie Bentley – Teacher’s Assistant
Valerie has worked at English Way Preschool now for some time. She has hands on experience working with preschool children and is a talented artist. Although painting with acrylic is her favorite past time, she enjoys all forms of art and giving children the opportunity to discover something magical, that they will continue to appreciate for the rest of their lives.   

Valerie has over eighteen years experience with vocal performance training, and in recognizing and supporting children with speech and language difficulties.

Our Staff